The Company has been online for nearly 17years (1996 to be exact) we were one of the 1st has been online for nearly 17years, so we have lots of experience .

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We have recently aquired this very good and informative online Magazine, We are sure it will add a completely new aspect to this site please please if you have any articles or ideas send them to us @ Contact Us We need photos ,catch reports ,stories ,Tips.

The aim of this online magazine is to furnish you the reader, with information, but unlike other published magazines, we leave it up to you to supply the catch reports and other vital information, to make your fishing trip and preparation easier and hopefully more successful, without your support the magazine is nothing more than an ego booster for the writers and people who work for us, without your knowledge it is nothing, we do not want it to be in the same old format, where someone tells you how and with what because its better their way, so please if you have anything to add to this mag please email us with your thoughts and ideas it is your magazine and without you, it cannot survive

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We will review and read every single article and review, sent to us here at Total Coarse Angling, so every one of the articles and reports are of a sufficient Quality and Informative enough to keep you interested.

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       We have a new Forum setup for the readers of our magazine, it can be found @ Forum.