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Maver Satanic X Carp 13m Pole.

A new pole for 2013. Designed in the UK particularly for commercial carp fishing, but equally at home on canals, lakes and rivers. The pole has a very slim carbon profile, super strong section walls, but is light, extremely rigid and well balanced. Each section is numbered for easy identification and arrow marked to line up the ultimate rigidity. Supplied with a comprehensive kit package and housed in a pole holdall with protective tubes. Easily worth twice it's SSP, you can pick one up at only £ 399.99. Check it out - it's a devilishly good pole!
•3 x power kits •Mini extension •Rated to 20 elastic •Pole holdall •Informative DVD

The new Competition 'Match This' 6 SX.

The new Competition 'Match This' 6 SX is a seriously amazing pole that offers a host of features.
Firstly, its excellent overall balance allows you to fish at a full 16m for longer periods. Its rigidity is superb, which means your strike is crisp. To lift the pole at 13m your strike is little more than 1" at your lap to raise the tip a metre.
The rigidity and strength is thanks to the amazing and revolutionary nano resins and the pole is quite capable of fishing powerful 12/20 Dual Core elastics with power kits in place.
Only one Maver model betters this production - that being the flagship Elite 88.
At 11m the pole is a featherweight 550 grams and at 13m just 750 grams. Supplied with an impressive kit package, quality holdall and protective tubes.
Without doubt, this amazing pole is outstanding in terms of performance and value. Suitable for rivers, lakes and commercial fisheries.
Special Offer Price: £ 2,250.00

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