Fishing Tips

Readers Tips

This Page is designed to help anglers who want to make their lives easier and save money.
1: Darren from Ludlow
Dont spend your hard earned pocket money on expensive float boxes go to your nearest pound shop they always have cheap boxes that do the job.
2: Jim from london
Dont buy the gear from Aldis or liddels just because it is cheap, cheap is okay but most of it is bad quality and wont last.
3: Ed from windsor
I could not hold bottom whilst ledgering on the thames with a normal Arseley bomb and was told by an old fisherman sitting a few pegs down from me to hit the bomb with a hammer to flatten it, i went home and did just that and next day i had no problems.
4: Dave from Ashford
When fishing on very hard waters where the bites are very hard to see, I slightly over shot my pole floats so it slowly sinks and then dip the tip of the float in vasaline this makes them ultra sensitive and i can connect with more bites that i could not see before.
5:John Birmingham
Drip feeder cup.
When fishing the pole and want a Drip of feed going into the swim. Use a plastic kinder egg container bought from a local sweet shop. Simply make a hole either end of the cup ready to slip onto the end of the Pole. Before doing so, either make a few holes so that maggots can crawl out and drop into the swim. Alternatively cut a hole large enough for feed to drop out when shaking the pole. The plastic kinder egg can split in the middle for filling.
6:Bill Leigh
Loading line on to reels.
When I load line onto a fishing reel, I place the new spool of line into a container of water (bucket will do) attach the new line to reel either by a loop or tie onto backing line. I manually whip a few loops of line around the knot before reeling on new line. The water in the container will clean the line as well as load the reel spool correctly without twisting.
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